Past Projects

HTML High 5

HTML High 5 is a casual gaming website I created about a year ago. I made six games for the website. Each game has medals which can be earned, and high scores are saved. I made the site with Java for the server-side logic. The score submission system is actually quite complex to keep people from hacking it. See if you can break it!

screen shot screen shot

Fortress Duel

Fortress Duel is a game that I spent a long time developing. I based it off a game I enjoyed playing when I was younger, called Age of War. Unfortunately I am not as artistically talented as the creator of that game. However, I was able to have an email conversation with the developer, which was cool for me. Overall I think this is the best game that I have completed as far as mechanics go. There is some strategy but it still moves along.

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Download Fortress Duel

Naval Warfare

Naval Warfare is by far the most complex game I have ever worked on. Sadly it is so complex that it remains unfinished. However, I still think the game mechanics are enjoyable and the graphics are not very bad considering the source. I spent hundreds of hours on this project, and its codebase is huge. This project taught me a ton about managing large programs.

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Download Naval Warfare